A Sip of Sustainability: CT Farm-Grown Wines!

May 3, 2022

With award-winning wines that can compete on a world stage, Connecticut farm winery vintages are a delicious and sustainable addition to your table.

You can feel amazing – knowing that you are supporting local farmers, local families, and an agricultural way of life that has defined our beautiful state and persevered for generations.

Because your purchases matter
Because you matter

By buying locally, you directly reduce the carbon footprint and considerable waste that comes with shipping and packaging large quantities of products. Small-scale professional farming operations integrate practices including water conservation and organic pest control.

What IS sustainable agriculture, anyway?

To extract the highest yield and maximize profit, industrial producers are known to employ the mass-spraying of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. These pollutants accumulate in and degrade the soil, and enter waterways, harming aquatic ecosystems, and contaminating our food sources and our drinking water supply.

Life on Earth is interconnected. Sustainable farming is non-exploitive. It embraces practices that both respect and cultivate the land—and nourish it—ensuring its health and vitality for generations to come. And you can be confident on a personal level – knowing that you can make the most of wine’s natural health benefits by treating yourself to wines with few or no preservatives or other additives.

Why should buying wine be an errand when it can be an experience?

Most of us love the ‘fresh air, warm sun shining, windows down’ sort of excursion. A visit to a Connecticut farm winery offers the best of all worlds: ambience, beauty and practicality. You get a relaxing outing, incredible scenery, expertly made wine – and best of all – great memories.

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