Enjoy a CT Grown Pick-Your-Own Adventure

July 20, 2022

A meal is supposed to taste better when you prepare it yourself. So the odds are it will be even more delectable if you harvest the food for it as well.

Summer is the prime time for “pick-your-own” opportunities at Connecticut farms. This activity lets you enjoy beautiful scenery, find fresh and delicious fruits, and peruse farm stands and stores for other mouthwatering CT Grown items. 

As July 2022 winds down, many farms are reporting that peaches are ahead of schedule and ripe for the picking. There are also plentiful opportunities for blueberries and flowers, with pear season just around the corner.

Before starting your pick-your-own adventure, here are a few tips to make sure you have an enjoyable experience:

Check ahead

While our crop calendar offers a useful guide for what’s in season and when, it’s not set in stone. Factors such as the recent hot, dry weather and different cultivation methods may impact what’s available. Farms may also cancel pick-your-own activities due to inclement weather, or if more fruit needs to ripen.

Call ahead or check a farm’s social media channels for any announcements.

Understand container policies

Pick-your-own container policies differ from farm to farm. Some will allow you to bring your own containers, as long as they are pre-weighed before you start picking. Others only permit you to use containers provided.

Be respectful

Farm staff will tell you where to find fruits available for picking. You shouldn’t take fruit from any areas outside these places. 

While it might seem like pick-your-own is a great activity to do with your dog, please leave Fido at home. Pets are not permitted since they can potentially cause harm to food, farm workers, customers, and themselves. 

Only pick what you want to take home, and only take ripe fruit. Any fruit that visitors leave on the ground is lost profit for a Connecticut farmer.

We know it’s tempting to snack on fruits while you’re picking, but please avoid doing so. Eating in the fields is dissuaded due to health concerns and as a way of preventing potential theft.

Be safe

Finding the right fruit to take home can take some time, so you’ll want adequate protection from the sun. Wear sunscreen, a hat, and breathable clothes, and bring water so you stay hydrated.

You should also wear the proper footwear for working in the fields. Leave the sandals at home, and bring a reliable pair of closed toe shoes.