Apples are the most commonly grown fruit in Connecticut, with 280 farms tending orchards that cover more than 2,000 acres. CT Grown farmers raise nearly two dozen varieties, and often welcome visitors to pick their own apples each autumn. Learn more about Connecticut apple varieties here, and get pick-your-own tips here.

Harvest: July to October

Storage: November to April


While only a handful of CT Grown farms produce apricots, it’s still possible to find this fruit from local growers in the late summer. With an appearance similar to peaches, apricots are a tree fruit with flavors ranging from tart to sweet. Apricots are delicious fresh, and also work well as a dried fruit.

Harvest: July to September


Cantaloupes and muskmelons grow well in warm temperatures, allowing Connecticut farmers to produce them in the late summer. Slices of this fresh fruit make for a great treat on a hot day, or as an addition to fruit salad.

Harvest: July to October


Connecticut farms produce both tart and sweet cherries, which can be enjoyed on their own or used for products like pies, jams, and juices. Several farms in Connecticut maintain cherry orchards and invite visitors to pick their own selection.

Harvest: June to July


Grape growing in Connecticut has become increasingly popular, with hardy cultivars allowing farmers to grow many different varieties. Some farms provide table or dessert grapes suitable for jellies and cooking. Vineyards growing wine grapes can also be found across Connecticut, with varying soil qualities creating unique flavors from each location’s vintage.

Harvest: August to September


Although similar in appearance, taste, and growing season to peaches, nectarines lack the fuzzy skin. So if you prefer that your tongue not be tickled while you enjoy some fresh fruit in the late summer, this is the choice for you! Nectarines are great eaten on their own, in desserts like cobbler, or added to salads.

Harvest: August to September


A handful of Connecticut farms have nut trees on their property, collecting harvests of this protein-rich snack. You can find locally produced chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, and more.


With soft, juicy flesh and a beautiful multicolored skin, peaches are a beloved choice for local fruit. Peaches can be enjoyed as is, or cooked to gently caramelize them to use in a variety of dishes. Farms often invite visitors to pick their own peaches.

Harvest: July to September


More than 80 farms maintain pear orchards, with pick-your-own opportunities available at many locations. Bartlett pears are a popular option, but numerous other varieties are also available. The juicy fruit is great as a snack, and can also be used to add a bit of sweetness to a recipe.

Harvest: August to October


These juicy purple fruits can be eaten on their own, and are also excellent for making jams or drying to create prunes. The juice can also be fermented to make a sweet wine. Some farms include plums in their pick-your-own offerings.

Harvest: July to September 


Available in many varieties — including black, red, and golden colors — raspberries are a popular berry crop in Connecticut. Depending on their type, raspberries can be harvested in the summer or fall and are frequently available at pick-your-own farms. Raspberries are delicious as a snack or when made into jams or jellies.

Harvest: July to September


Strawberries are among the first fruits available each growing season. The plump, juicy berries are a favorite among pick-your-own farms, giving you an opportunity to harvest a large quantity to enjoy as a snack, add to a salad, use in dessert recipes, and blend into smoothies.

Harvest: June to July


A summertime staple, watermelons work well as a delicious, juicy snack on a hot day. Warmer temperatures help this fruit grow, so it emerges in the late summer and can continue to be harvested into the fall. Watermelon is also a great addition to salads, or mixed into smoothies.

Harvest: August to October

Other fruits 

Connecticut farmers have successfully grown a wide range of additional fruits, although they are not as widely produced as the crops listed above. Other locally produced CT Grown fruits include aronia berries, cranberries, currants, elderberries, honeydew melon, kiwi berries, and persimmons.