Make this Holiday Season a CT Grown one with Curated CT Boxes!

December 13, 2021

Everyone loves the idea of buying “local” and supporting area farmers, makers, bakers and artisans—in fact, one recent study says 70% of us already do. Curated CT is making it easy to give fine quality, freshly made treats to family, friends, clients (and even yourself!) while feeling good about supporting local artisans and your community.

“Curated CT brings you the fun and excitement of discovering new foods and family made products made in CT that you might not encounter unless you travel to multiple farmers markets,” says Donald Pendagast, founder of Curated CT. “And we bring it same-day fresh, right to your door.” And that’s exactly how Pendagast makes his curated selections, by continuously visiting farmers markets and family farms and businesses across the state and continuously expanding the company’s base of vendors.

Each month Curated CT chooses and delivers local goods—including freshly baked bread, artisan cheese, chocolate, coffee and more on a convenient subscription basis. Each month’s selection is chosen to match the flavors of the season and highlight new and emerging offerings, create an element of surprise and appeal to a variety of senses. Whether from a one-time delivery or a monthly or quarterly plan as a special holiday gift, each order brings mouth-watering treats and artisan products like soaps or candles that underscore the message, “I support CT farmers and family-owned businesses.”

“Our motto is ‘live local, feel good,’” says Pendagast. “Think of Curated CT as a concierge for anyone—including yourself—who is really busy, loves good food, and cherishes the idea of supporting local,” he says. “We give people something tangible that represents their pride and commitment to our state.” He cites the allure of coming home from a long workday to find freshly baked bread, fresh-roasted gourmet coffee, outstanding local cheese and chocolate waiting on the doorstep, and adds,” Who wouldn’t love that as a gift?”

Curated CT also takes conscious steps to create a greener world by delivering their orders anywhere in CT in a 100%-electric vehicle (via Electra, another CT business) in packaging made in the Northeast from mushrooms.

Final deadline for holiday delivery of the December Curated CT box is December 16, 2021.