Challenges and Opportunities in Organic Urban Agriculture

Organic producers of all sizes and across all landscapes must follow the same national standards to meet the requirements of USDA organic certification. However, certified organic farmers and farmers using organic growing practices may have different production and market opportunities and challenges when growing in an urban environment. This webinar will explore research in this […]

Cultivating a Healthy Mind for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

This webinar is designed for young adult beginning farmers and ranchers. Stigma exists across all age groups for those struggling with mental health. Uncontrollable factors, volatile markets, trade, and natural disasters; make struggling with emotions, relationships, career success, and safety more challenging when mental health and mental crisis enters the arena. According to the CDC, […]

Farmland Restoration Program Virtual Webinar

The Farmland Restoration Grant (FLRG) provides matching funds to Connecticut farmers, nonprofits and municipalities to increase food and fiber production in the state by restoring lands into active agricultural production. FLRP focuses on restoring and improving land with prime and important farmland soils, in accordance with a Farmland Restoration Program Plan and a Climate Smart Resiliency Plan (FLRP […]

Farm Viability Grant Writing Workshop

The Farm Viability Grant is a matching grant program for Connecticut municipalities, groups of municipalities, regional councils of governments and agricultural non-profit organizations for projects that directly impact and/or foster agricultural viability. Applications are being accepted through 4 p.m. on May 12th. This virtual workshop is designed to assist interested applicants in learning about the structure of […]

CT Grown for CT Kids Grant Q&A

This webinar will discuss the CT Grown for CT Kids (CTG4CTK) Grant program for projects which develop or enhance Farm to School programs in Connecticut. More information on the grant is available here; applications must be submitted by 4 p.m. on December 14th, 2023. A recording of this webinar will be posted on under the CT […]

CT Grown Academy Webinar One: From Farm Life to #farmlife: Social Media Marketing Basics

Gain an understanding of how a strong social media presence can benefit your farm. The topics covered encompass establishing a social media foundation for your farm, reaching the appropriate audience, creating a comprehensive strategy for your social presence, an overview of scheduling tools, and more. The webinar also provides ample time for an extended Q&A […]