Plan Ahead to Snag the Perfect Tree

December 3, 2021

Ensuring a memorable time and getting the perfect tree this year may require some additional planning.

Due in part to last year’s heavy demand at Connecticut tree farms, there are fewer mature trees available this year. Don’t panic. The good news is that with 500 tree farms located all over Connecticut, you should still be able to find your family’s perfect holiday tree. 

Here are some tips to help:

  • Be proactive and start your planning now to ensure the best selection;
  • Call your favorite tree farm in advance of your visit;
  • Ask what type and size trees are available to make sure they have what you are seeking;
  • Be prepared to get your tree from a different tree farm than you usually visit;
  • Check the tree farm’s COVID guidelines;
  • Be sure to also bring home wreaths, poinsettias and other holiday décor.

Buying locally grown holiday trees not only helps you to avoid supply chain issues, but also helps support local farmers. To find a local tree farm near you, go to

The first image is from Van Wilgen’s Garden Center. The Middle and final images are from Maple Lane Farms.

How to take care of your tree once it’s home!

The following tips are from the Connecticut Christmas Tree Grower’s Association

  • If you got your tree early and are waiting to set it up, make sure to leave it in a garage or other unheated area and out of the rain. Place in a warm bucket of water after cutting one inch off the stem.
  • When bringing indoors, cut one inch off the stem and place into a stand that can hold one or more gallons of water.
  • How much water does my tree need? The bigger your tree, the more water it needs! The Connecticut Christmas Tree Grower’s Association recommends one quart for every inch of diameter of the trunk.
  • Always make sure to unplug the tree before heading to bed.
  • How long will my tree stay fresh before drying out? If the tree is properly cared for, then it can last about 5 weeks before drying out.
  • How do I properly dispose of my tree? Christmas trees are recyclable! Communities will often turn trees into chips and pick them up for you. Or put them in your backyard with brand and suet for the birds to use. Some local farms accept trees for goats and other livestock to enjoy! Use the map on to find a farm near you