Soup’s On!

December 22, 2021

What’s the best way to keep cozy during a long, beautiful Connecticut winter? Soup, of course!

Soup is very easy to prepare and packed with nutrients. The best part is that once you get the hang of a recipe or two, you can improvise and make a hot, nourishing, filling meal out of almost anything in your pantry or freezer! The base of your broth can be beef, poultry, vegetables, coconut milk, cream – the options are seriously inspiring.

Knowing how to make a stock is – we daresay – a secret superpower. Not only is it the perfect starter for soups, sauces, rice, braises, homemade stuffing, paellas, casseroles; by itself it’s a hot cup of goodness on a cold night. The best part? This powerhouse recipe component is crafted from a few humble ingredients. Perhaps once, the sight of half a roasted chicken, some wilting celery, one carrot and an onion that’s longing to be put back into the ground might have – understandably – filled you with a mild despair. Now? You can make chicken stock! – gold, delicious, and sustaining. Stock freezes well too, so break out the big pot!

When you’ve polished your stock recipe and you’re ready to test drive it on a serious soup, check out this “absolutely ultimate” potato soup recipe. The base includes heavy cream and chicken stock AND bacon. Soups this rich should come with a warning, and this one sort of does! Kudos to the author for honestly noting that the dish is more of “a special treat” than a regularly scheduled meal. That said, there’s nothing like a hearty potato soup to warm you to your toes after a winter hike or a sledding spree. Pair this with a vigorous winter activity and you can forget the guilt. 

Switching gears, it’s good to remember that food is food. You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy a scrumptious curried butternut squash soup, and recipes that are made for those with dietary restrictions are likewise creative and absolutely tasty. Here’s a great holiday recovery recipe for the health-conscious, loaded with turmeric – a famous anti-inflammatory – and cauliflower – packed with Vitamin C and great levels of vitamin B6 and magnesium.
As with any other meal, soup tastes best with the freshest ingredients. That’s where Connecticut farms are ready to help! Find potatoes, squash, chicken, carrots, celery, bacon, milk, cream, and many other ingredients at a farm or farmer’s market near you. Once you stock up on milk and cream, here’s a bevy of creamy soup recipes to brighten even the coldest afternoons. And the best part is knowing that buying direct from farmers supports local communities and helps to preserve Connecticut’s historic and scenic  farmscapes.

The first image is from Henny Penny Farm. The middle image is from Full Heart Farm. The right-hand image is from Stone Acre Farm.